The iTERM ITN (four companies, six universities) will deliver twelve early stage researchers (ESR) and one experienced researcher (ER) trained in imaging, material science, and tissue engineering & regenerative medicine (TERM). 

For the aging population in the EU donor material is often not available, and artificial tissue needs to be developed to replace and repair damaged tissues. New smart materials have been developed and increasingly these implants are becoming analogous to the tissue they replace. Classical imaging technologies are not equipped to distinguish these implants and consequently, the fate and effect of the used implants cannot be followed. To deliver supra-disciplinary scientists with knowledge necessary to drive this research area forward, to enable product development, and increase Europe’s competitive position, iTERM will provide fellows with individual and centralized training in key elements of imaging, materials science and TERM. During their training, the fellows will develop new materials and implants for TERM as well as state-of-the-art novel multimodality visualization procedures to monitor the behaviour of implants, advancing the field of TERM. iTERM is excellently positioned to achieve the goal to deliver highly employable scientists in the field of imaging and TERM: all iTERM partners are recognized leaders in their field of expertise - ensuring state-of-the-art training possibilities - have highly complementary skills and have extensive prior experience with ITN, integrated projects and Network of Excellence programs, assuring successful achievement of our goals. The inclusion of 4 industrial partners guarantees cross-sectorial training, a highly desired competence. The trained fellows will be highly skilled in different research areas required for material development and imaging. Such scientists are highly sought-after by the growing TERM industry and institutes and have excellent career perspectives.

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