Are you considering sponsorship?

Our research activities are very costly. Beside salaries for our scientists (75% of our annual budget) a considerable proportion of our budget is used for equipment, consumables, and maintenance. Although our research is presently strongly funded by the University (57%) and competitive grants (28%) from various national and private institutions, our research is also crucially depending on sponsoring (15%). Therefore, your support is paramount to keep our research efforts alive. Persons or institutions willing to support our work can choose from different options as listed below.

Donating money
You can donate money. These funds will directly and entirely be used to finance our current research projects. The simplest way of supporting us is to send your contribution to the account of our research foundation «Surgical Research for Children», please see the account information on the right hand side.

Financing equipment

There is a constant need to buy, renew, or upgrade our equipment. The price range of the many items varies from less than SFr. 1'000 to well over SFr. 100'000. Should you choose to sponsor a piece of equipment, please contact us for a more detailed consideration.

Sponsoring a promising young scientist

A particularly attractive and most rewarding act of sponsorship is to enlist yourself as the PhD sponsor for a talented young Swiss or foreign postgraduate student who will spend three to four years in our laboratory to become a PhD. These postgraduate students are handpicked after a detailed and intense evaluation process. We aim at selecting those young people who have a high potential to become successful scientists and who, at the same time, combine their scientific talents with personal integrity and impressive social skills. If you choose to patronize a «career in development» for one or more years (at a yearly amount of SFr. 40'000) we would be happy to introduce a potential candidate to you, should you wish so. Of course, the PhD thesis will be dedicated also to you, and you will be our guest for the doctoral inauguration ceremony.

Once you have decided to support us

If you have donated money, financed equipment, or sponsored a PhD student, you will receive an official letter confirming your sponsorship in detail (this document can also be used for tax deduction purposes). Moreover, all sponsorship will be listed in our annual report that will be sent to you (with your name given or anonymized, as you prefer).


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If you wish to receive more information regarding any kind of sponsorship, please contact us directly:

Prof. Dr. Ernst Reichmann
Head Tissue Biology Research Unit Department of Surgery University Children's Hospital Zurich, Switzerland 
Phone +41 (0)44 634 89 11

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Meuli
Surgeon-in-Chief Department of Surgery University Children's Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)44 266 74 02